The Earthing Systems You Should be Focusing On

Earthing systems have kept us safe and protected against different types of electrical currents throughout the years. Everyone knows that a typical family home has pipes and wires installed within the walls. But not everyone is aware that within these walls also lies complicated earthing system that we cannot live without. What are the different types of earthing and how does it benefit mankind as a whole?

TN Networks

Through a Terra-Neutral, or TN Network, grounding is done using protective earth, as the device is not directly connected to the ground. This is also considered the type of network with the lowest impedance, but with the highest risk of having a broken neutral which would mean that safety is compromised. The TN-S type is considered the safest type, but has the highest conductor cost.

TT Networks

Terra-Terra, or TT Networks, on the other hand, is considered the safest and most reliable as both the power supply and the device are directly connected to the ground. There is also no risk of experiencing a broken neutral and low electromagnetic interference because of the direct connection to the ground.

IT Network

The Isolation-Terra, or IT Network, has the highest impedance because both the power supply and the device are not directly connected to the earth. It requires the use of an insulation monitoring device and is considered the least safe form of grounding. However, this is the only option available if the structure has not direct connection to the ground as in the case of high-rise buildings.

Earthing systems are complicated and requires expert handling. It is also important to know that such systems exist in order for us to be more cautious when it comes to electricity use.